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A big THANK YOU goes to all our fans who contributed to our crowdfunding campaign and helped us release our first CD!

The album was produced by Erik Bosio and Tobias Hug, mixed and mastered by Bill Hare, contains nine tracks and is

We proudly announce that SKETY have been awarded the prestigious
Ward Swingle Award
at the international a cappella competition, category Jazz!
Watch our performance at the Winners' concert below!

SKETY is a vocal group made up of young professional Czech jazz singers and musicians who are fully engaged in the contemporary scene. In July 2014, SKETY were awarded the prestigeous Ward Swingle Award in category Jazz at Vokal.Total in Graz. As each member also fronts their own projects including solo and big band appearances, their singing together is a rich and much loved platform for all of them. Despite their relatively short existence, SKETY have already established their name on the scene. Having recorded and performed with prominent artists, they have also made live performances on TV. Inspired both by contemporary world and Czech composers, they aim to bring the music they love to life.

"Skety is the closest thing I've ever heard to the Singers Unlimited!! That, my friends, is the highest praise I could offer them; besides the fact that their incredible music-making reduces me to tears! Most exciting, emotion filled, and intelligent live experience I've had in long time. Please support their creative endeavors. It's one of the best ways to keep real vocal jazz alive!!!"

Kim Nazarian / New York Voices

"I heard Skety the first time at Vokal Total Competition july 2014 and they totally blew me away. Their sense for musical styles and their musicality just thrilled me, and their vocal skills inspired me greatly. I am looking forward to hearing this fantastic group again soon. To me they are one of the future a cappella groups in the world. I love them!"

Anders Jalkéus / The Real Group

"Skety's performance will stay in my heart for a very long time. Honest, pure vocal jazz like one can rarely hear. Passion, lush harmonies, and true swing. I love every bit of their music!"

Andrea Figallo / Wise Guys

Veronika Vítová

Born in Prague, Veronika has loved music all her life first playing the piano as a child and singing for many years with Bambini di Praga. What was once a hobby has now become her life. Having studied singing with Professor Vratislav Kadlec and Filip Gondolán in the past, she worked as a flight attendant for almost 9 years before finally realizing that music is her passion and has devoted herself to it fully. As a student at the Jaroslav Jezek Conservatory, she studied jazz under the direction of Miriam Bayle and singing technique with the great opera singer Hana Pecková. She currently collaborates with many outstanding jazz musicians. Veronika performs at jazz clubs in Prague and the Czech Republic with her quartet as featured in the Tribute to Bill Evans project. She is a regular guest of the Neratovice Big Band orchestra, the Vaclav Hybš Orchestra, Magnum Jazz Big Band, a member of the soloist chamber of the Musica Malinconico orchestra devoted to early music, is part of the Kühn Mixed Choir, and has also been featured in the show Kudykam by Michal Horacek and Petr Hapka. Having recently attended the prestigious International Jazz Workshop in Banff, Canada under the leadership of Dave Douglas, she is currently working on her own compositions with lead guitarist Petr Zelenka and drummer Martin Novak in the experimental free - improvisational project Soundcolor. She teaches private singing, intonation and music theory.

Alice Bauer

Born into a musical family in Prague (brother Varhan O. Bauer is a composer and conductor of the Okamžitý Filmový Orchestr - OFO), she fell in love with the piano at an early age. Later studied at the Jaroslav Jezek Conservatory in parallel with her studies at Charles University in Prague, but was then lured into singing and jazz which is now her number one priority. Alice's activities revolve not only around jazz and blues, but also original projects, such as the Jazzika band and Cosmic Passengers / Hi-Fi.

Has recently been collaborating extensively with Jan Kořínek and the Groove band, with whom she recorded the album Our Kind of Blues, and, virtually from its inception, has been a key member of the OFO (Worchester Scandal - as a pianist). Alice has sung a number of her brother songs in films, documents, books, and music, amongst others, in addition to the quasi baroque aria in Milos Forman's Goya's Ghosts with the very same orchestra. She is also a member of the Original Prague Syncopated Orchestra (OPSO) led by Pavel Klikar, still going strong as a world-renowned ensemble and one of the few bands on the planet to interpret jazz from the golden age of the 1920s and 1930s and transpose it into an uncannily faithful 20th century-style with improvisation, arrangements, techniques and vocal performance. Alice happily and skillfully translates her own written texts from and into English which has become a second mother tongue, a language without which her music is incomplete. An example of her work in Czech can be found on Ondrej Ruml’s debut album "Metamorphosis".

Marta Kloučková

She was born 23 years ago in Jablonec nad Nisou. Marta has loved music since she was a child and now combines her musical studies at the Jaroslav Jezek Conservatory (Musical department) with Arts Management studies at the University of Economics in Prague. She is the leader and singer-songwriter of the pop-jazz band Nano Illusions founded in 2009. Marta also performs as a vocalist in the Erika Fečová band and as a soloist in the Magnum Jazz Big Band and the Christmas Brass Band. She teaches singing at the International School of Music and Fine Arts in Prague.

Michal Strnad

In 2011 he graduated from the Jaroslav Jezek Conservatory where he studied jazz singing. But his musical journey was not straightforward. At age of 12 he started to play guitar. His teenage passion for rock music has then resulted in revealing the world of jazz at the age of 17. He has participated in several jazz workshops and taken private lessons with Roman Hampacher and David Dorůžka. Then he studied social work and psychotherapy in college, at that time he sang in the half-amateur choir „Apsora“ under the direction of Ida Kelarova, where singing became his new passion. After that he took private singing lessons with Filip Gondolán and was accepted to a jazz department of the Jaroslav Jezek Conservatory. There he studied singing under the direction of Miriam Bayle and Hana Pecková. In addition to Skety, Michal plays and sings with his bands Slightly Bended (pop/jazz/latin) and Backbeats (pop&rock covers), sings regularly with the Magnum Jazz Big Band and has been featured in the show Kudykam by Michal Horáček.

Štěpán Janoušek

Born in 1989 in Klatovy where he became avidly interested in music, first passively and then actively as he taught himself the flute and harmonica. Participated in the art school of Jaroslav Klička choir in Klatovy and the choir at Karafiát Elementary School Čapkova a few years later. He ventured into a new musical dimension when, at the age of eleven, Štěpán took up the trombone and joined the School of Music under the direction of František Kubáně. A year later he became a member of the Youth Brass Orchestra at the same school.

At twelve, he was determined to pursue his studies at the noted Pilsen Conservatory of music, but armed with an increasing awareness of jazz, he opted to study trombone at the Jaroslav Jezek Conservatory in Prague in 2005 from which he graduated in 2011. His formative years at the conservatory included appearances in many bands such as Green Smatroll, the College Big Band conducted by Milan Svoboda, and the Mocca Malacco quintet. Has also been a member of the Czech Radio Big Band since 2010. His studies afforded him the opportunity to attend many festivals in the Czech Republic and abroad including the Next Generation Festival in California and the International Junior Jazz Festival in Usti nad Labem, where he was awarded the prize for best soloist of the year in 2009. Štěpán is now in his second year of studying singing at the Jaroslav Jezek Conservatory.

Petr Wajsar

Petr Wajsar / born 40th 13th 3068 / October 25 as the reincarnation of Bodhisattva, he is a virtual time bomb in Czech show business. His real identity lies behind masks, leaving physical existence behind, yet occasionally revealing himself in human form to the outside world, such as his current mimesis as that of a musician and arranger/composer. Among his more reputable media activities is the musical "Pornstars" which he wrote together with Petr Kolečko and Tomas Svoboda earning him a nomination for the Alfred Radok Award for 2010. With a string quartet Epoque and the singer Gabriela Vermelho he formed the group eWAVE, he is the backbone of the giant vocal-instrumental ensemble Mandelbrotovy Kostičky starring conductor Lukas Prchal and showwoman Ester Kočičková. Currently as a singer and bass player he is enjoying success cruising Czech clubs and festivals under the auspices of the dance-jazz band HI-FI. In addition to his composing, arranging, playing, singing and assorted corrupt activities, he is applying for the position of conductor of the Society of Prague Volunteer Arsonists' Chamber Choir. For Czech composers and performers he organizes frequent concerts featuring the works of students. Collects submarines. In 2008 he received the OSA award as most played young composer of classical music in 2008.

Lukáš Prchal

SKETY's manager, sound technician and an occasional back-up vocalist when some of the guys is unavailable. Should you want SKETY at your event call him.

Our debut album is now available - both digital and physical (per mail delivery).


Our videos:


22/05 Jazz Černošice Černošice
25/05 JazzBit, JazzDock host: Jazzation (HU)
27/05 Sázavský koncert Sázava
28/05 Mezi Ploty Praha
03/06 Velké Přílepy
11/06 Litvínov JazzFest
16/06 Střelecký ostrov, 16:15
16/06 Příbram ZUŠ
08/07 festival Boskovice
17/08 festival Vaňkovka Brno
18/08 JazzDock Praha
03/09 Swing Festival Kostelec n/Orlicí
10/09 Den horníků Bílina (Teplice)
28/09 Festival Lípa Musica Jezvé u Č. Lípy
29/9 - 1/10 Prague A Cappella Festival
21-31/10 Taiwan Tour
05/11 Sangeslust-Festival Bayreuth, DE

odehrané / past shows


17/05 Starý Plzenec
13/05 Praha žije hudbou
03/04 Jazzfest Brno
14/03 Nový Bor
11/03 A Cappella Gala Jatka 78, Praha
05/03 23. Český Lev VIDEO - History Of Film Music
17/02 Pět tuctů Čombeho (j.h.) Forum Karlín, Praha
14/02 Narozeniny M. Pavlíčka LMB
09/02 Starý Plzenec pro nemoc zrušeno
02/02 Retail Summit 2016 Praha
23/01 Tišnov
22/01 MěKS Letovice
28/12 44. Muzikantský silverstr Frýdlant
22/12 Vánoční koncert Michala Prokopa (j.h.) Forum Karlín, Praha
12/12 Náchod
11/11 Festival swingové hudby Praha
10/11 Ceny SOZA Bratislava
31/10 festival BioBlues Řevnice
30/10 Farma Ptýrov
18/10 festival Struny Podzimu Praha
05/10 SKETY a hosté - Prague A Cappella Night Jazz Dock, Praha
..ŘÍJEN.. SK turné s Janou Kirschner
01/10 Zoom+ Festival Trnava, SK
19/09 Slavnost v Bílce Bílka pod Milešovkou
1/07 U Veselé Kozy Praha
27/06 Kulturní sezóna Nové Město n/M.
19/06 Jazzfest U řeky Třemošná
16/06 Koncert pro beatboxery a orchestr BERG
06/06 festival Habrovka Praha
02/06 pro Struny Podzimu Jazz Dock
31/05 Křest CD Jatka78, Praha
22/05 Žižkovská smršť Praha
17/05 Moccafloor Pfullendorf, DE
16/05 Bodensee Festival Kressbronn, DE
15/05 K9-Kulturzentrum Konstanz, DE
17/04 Polička Jazz Polička
06/03 Smetanovské dny Plzeň
07/02 JazzDock Praha


24/11 Klub Paderewski Karlovy Vary
21/11 FestJazz 2014 Havl. Brod
20/11 JazzDock - Jazz ON 5 Praha
15/11 Noc Divadel: Citadela Klimentská 16, Praha
19/10 MHF Struny podzimu Praha
04/10 Jazzation's Duplicappella! Budapest, HU
03/10 X. Fool Moon Festival Szeged, HU
28/09 Vinobraní Mělník
27/09, 13h Den otevřených dveří MKČR Nostický palác
11/09 Malostranská beseda Praha
06/09 Divado na zámku 2014 Teplice
21-26/07, Graz, AT Winners of the Jazz category.
27/06 Funkin Turnov
24/05 Loop Jazz Club Praha
17/05 Jazz pod Kozákovem
07/04 @ 20:30 Malostranská beseda Praha
22/02 @ 20h ClubKino Černošice
03/02 @ 19h JazzDock Praha
25/01 @ 19:30 London A Cappella Festival London, UK
24/01 @ 20:30 The Duke's Head Inn, Richmond London, UK
23/01 @ 20:30 The Triple Crown, Richmond London, UK


11/12 @ 19:30 Klub Labe, Hořovice
06/12 @ 23h Tečka páteční noci, live @ ČT:art
06/12 @ 18h Betlémská kaple, Praha private event
04/12 @ 20h J. Kirschner - Moruša: Biela Tour 2013 div. Archa vstupenky
24/11 @ 14h Slánské Jazzové Dny
23/11 @ 20h Klub Na rampě, Jablonec n/N
07-23/11 kluci na turné s Janou Kirschner
16/11 @ 14h Malostranská Beseda, Praha hostujeme u Hi-Fi
23/10 @ 19h Jazz Dock, Praha
24/09 @ 18:30 Barevná Kavárna, Londýnská ul., Praha
21/09 @ 18h Vinobraní, Litoměřice
07/07 @ 18h FIESTA Nové Scény, Praha, piazzeta ND
21/06 @ 17h City Beats, Bratislava, ženy SKET s Janou Kirschner
19/06 @ 17h natáčení pořadu o Sketách, ČRo Hradec Králové (radiokavárna)
07/06 @ 20:30 JazZlín, zámek Zlín
31/05 @ 19:30 klub Labe, Hořovice
28/05 @ 19h Juditina věž (Karlův most), Praha ZRUŠENO
25/05 @ 15:45 festival Žižkovská Smršť, Praha
18/05 @ 19h festival Otevřená zahrada,
Libčice n/Vlt.
06/05 @ 20h kavá Citadela
Klimentská 16, Praha 1
03/04@19h Jazz Dock, Praha
16/03@20h10 Ceny OTO s Janou Kirschner, Bratislava watch live @ STV1
24/02@21h Blues Sklep, Praha
01/02@19h Jazz Dock, Praha
29/01@20h Stará Pekárna, Brno


16/12@16h Dyzajn Márket, piazetta Nové scény Národního divadla, Praha
07/12@17h Mariánské Lázně, advent na kolonádě
19/11@21h Blues Sklep, Praha
special guests: Jan Kučera - pno,
Antonín Šturma - cbs
17/11@19h30 festival BioBlues, Řevnice
24/10@19h Jazz Dock Praha, w/ Yellow Sisters
06/10 soutěž Jirkovský písňovar
1. cena
cena za nejlepší sólový výkon (Š. Janoušek),
cena za nejlepší aranžmá (Flat Feet Floogie, P. Wajsar)
04/02 Český Lev 2011, nominační večer
SKETY živě provázely celým večerem na ČT2


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